It was a chill October morning in San Francisco bay when the Coast Guard cutter pulled out from Treasure Island and sailed below the Bay Bridge.  On our way to stand watch over the Fleet Week exclusion zone, we passed a beauty.  She lay hardly moving in the morning sun.  Stirring slightly, no doubt, as the day edged into sight.  Surrounded by sheets of pale blue water – like bed linens that had slipped to the floor in a restless night long forgotten and now still.  Awake she would, and charm friend and foe alike – but not yet, not quite yet…


The ugliness of above ground wires have, of late, been somewhat fashionable.  I suppose I understand that (not the passing fashion but) because I often find myself looking at them and seeing beauty in their utilitarian form and functionality.  Set against California’s azure sky, I challenge anyone not to find the lines appealing.

I spend a lot of time looking at our beautiful views – across San Francisco and elsewhere – but I know to much of the beauty around us is so much closer.  My iPhone now has a tiny marco lens – for even more tiny views.  In the park near home this smallest of all the flowering plants has always called to me.  Only now can I give them the attention the deserve.  Next time with a bee in there… I promise!

The whole bloom is under half an inch across (about 2 cm – for those of you eating baguette & euros!)

Dawn breaks over San Francisco – the first place in the lower 48 – and sets the city a-glow…  How beautiful it looks, and how wonderful it was to experience.  I had been working all night, took myself out in the early a.m. to walk the dogs.  Glorious.

I know – I mean it’s obvioust, ain’t it, the name is a give away… “WordPress”!!   This is a writer’s blog that allows pictures.  Thing is, I’d fancied something different.  I’m more like – erm… Oh yeah, one of the elders in those old tribes where it’s all about the oral history… Telling stories to the non-elders in a hut or around the fire.  That way I don’t have to bother confronting my laziness.  Besides, and because I’m not really in such a tribe, I want to make this all about the pictures.  The images that make my day – several times a day (on good days)!  And for those purposes, minimal chit chat – all pix, WordPress worked.

But why, then, does my iPad insist that it will not allow me to post pix?  Steve Jobbs was a tyrannical boss, by all accounts.  That tyranny, also directed by his genius no doubt, lives on and leaves me now utterly bereft of the ability to use my blog for pix on my iPad.  

This morning I officially give up trying, you win iPad.  Steve Jobbs from beyond the grave gets his way.  I will return to my Mac to post pix.  dammit…!  (Please remember my speaking-ill-of-the-dead is rooted in more than me just being impolite!  I am sticking to pix ONLY taken with my iPhone!  There is method to my rudeness!)

All the more frustrating, as I have a new genre of pix to show.  I was recently given a collection of mini-lenses to attach to the iPhone… And  I love my new macro lens!

So look for them.. When I dig out my Mac.

and on a theme…  the City Hall in Fresno – where I also was this month – is a complete contrast.  A modern work – sleek and brooding here on a cold dawn.

Update: I had occasion to show some very good old friends from Sweden around San Francisco City Hall this month.  They loved the place – of course.  I was reminded – while showing them some of my favorite angles to view the dome – that I had published here an earlier shot of almost the same view.  So take a look – see which results you like best – the earlier iPhone 1G or this, from the iPhone 4G.  Personally I think they both have merit – and each its own charm!